Dealing with how intimacy is projected, my practice is based around the interaction between artist and material. There is a tactile relationship formed through the performance making the work, leading to questions of ownership of intimacy and the intimate exchange with the audience through their interaction and association with the work. 

This steams from an analogue method of working, ensuring every detail is manually created to reflect artistic labour in process and outcome.

Reality is challenged through photography as the audience must determine what is staged and what is candidly captured to best reflect intimacy from the artist. 

Themes of representation of the body creep into the work through the idea that absence can mean presence and tactility doesn't always mean to touch. 



Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design -


Foundation Diploma in Art and Design


BA (Hons) Degree in Fine Art 


Work displayed in Rossopomodoro Restaurant

Shoreditch, London


Central Saint Martins Open Studios

Kings Cross, London


Allsorts - Group Exhibition

Hackney, London



Central Saint Martins Open Studios

Kings Cross, London



Deptford Cinema 

Degree Show 1

Central Saint Martins

Kings Cross, London 


Intercession Gallery and Printmakers


Tayne Painters

The Artist Sanctuary